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victor hugo sentence in Hindi

"victor hugo" meaning in Hindivictor hugo in a sentence
  • Still, his favorite book is " Les Miserables, " by Victor Hugo.
  • Author Victor Hugo was one of the first to research argot extensively.
  • As a teenager, Victor Hugo filled his notebooks with impeccable ink drawings.
  • Victor Hugo thought it was a terrific concept way back in 1855.
  • Vel�zquez was the father of her children : Victor Hugo and Sandra.
  • Victor Hugo was critical of the Commune but sympathetic to the Communards.
  • Then Gomez brought on another, Victor Hugo Aristizabal, in the second half.
  • Debs was named after the French authors Eugene Sue and Victor Hugo.
  •  I met Silence in November 2005 at Talk : Victor Hugo.
  • He is also known for a widely distributed engraving of Victor Hugo.
  • Even Victor Hugo, dead for 117 years, has a role to play.
  • Ever Almeida stepped down in favour of technical director Victor Hugo Monz�n.
  • It is based on the Victor Hugo novel of the same name.
  • Like most of his contemporaries Victor Hugo held colonialist views towards Africans.
  • Victor Hugo was in Spain accompanying his father in 1811 and 1813.
  • Past members have included literary greats like Voltaire and Victor Hugo.
  • He appears to be named after the historical writer Victor Hugo.
  • Victor Hugo Emerson was the chief recording engineer at Columbia Records.
  • Victor Hugo lived in the castle for three months in 1871.
  • It is currently on display at the Maison de Victor Hugo.
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