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victimizer sentence in Hindi

"victimizer" meaning in Hindivictimizer in a sentence
  • Lawyer-driven deals between victimizer and victim can be struck.
  • More evidence suggests children with AS are victims rather than victimizers.
  • He's trying to make the victim the victimizer.
  • Racism is uncomfortable, he explains, for both victim and victimizer.
  • The victimizer is now claiming the mantle of the victim,
  • Wives seeking orders of protection sit in waiting rooms alongside their victimizers.
  • Not that blacks were merely victims or whites merely victimizers.
  • And what of the poor souls made to appear as her victimizers?
  • Hillary used to be known as a victimizer, too.
  • Our attention was far more directed to our victims than the victimizers.
  • Members of the press are conspiracy theory victims as well as victimizers.
  • Before long it's hard to separate the victim from the victimizer.
  • But there can't be a victim unless there is a victimizer.
  • It houses no heroes, only victims and victimizers.
  • The victimizers still live, unpunished, side by side with their victims.
  • Vogel amazingly spins a story that has no victimizers, only affecting victims.
  • Today's victim is tomorrow's victimizer.
  • She also recognized Kunarac as one of her victimizers.
  • Suddenly, both of us were victims and victimizers.
  • Victims turn victimizers-- and sometimes do good things in the process.
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