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English-Hindi > victoria cross

victoria cross meaning in Hindi

victoria cross sentence in Hindi
विक्टोरिया पदक
विक्टोरिया क्रास
victoria    एक प्रकार की
cross    संकट गुणा या धन का
1.Jackson is the youngest Australian to have been awarded a Victoria Cross.

2.Sassoon was also later ( unsuccessfully ) recommended for the Victoria Cross.

3.In 1956 Jackson sailed to England for the Victoria Cross Centenary Celebrations.

4.For his actions that day Robert Shankland was awarded the Victoria Cross.

5.Eleven RFC members received the Victoria Cross during the First World War.

6.He was a soldier and was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1897.

7.The Victoria Cross has been awarded 1356 times to 1353 individual recipients.

8.Charles Upham earned a bar for his Victoria Cross in this battle.

9.He is believed to have been buried with his Victoria Cross.

10.Its long list of honours and awards includes four Victoria Crosses.

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