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English-Hindi > videlicet

videlicet meaning in Hindi

videlicet sentence in Hindi
1.:" fecit basilicam Augustus Constantinus in civitate Albanensis, videlicet S . Joannis Baptistae ".

2.Quo completo, quo facto, populo videlicet cuncto baptizato, Tharaphita eiecto, Pharaone submerso, captivis liberatis, redite cum gaudio Rigenses ."

3.It was turned into a duchy by Pope Paul III ( 1534 1549 ) in the bull " Videlicet immeriti " on 31 October 1537, with his son possessions in Parma.

4.Videlicet, KKE's leadership, was supporting a doctrine of " national unity " while eminent members, such as Stringos, Makridis and even Georgios Siantos, were creating revolutionary plans.

5.Thus in Walter Scott's 1814 novel " videlicet ", every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented ".

6.;Sanction or remedy that this user violated : Wikipedia : General sanctions / Climate change probation, videlicet, POV advocacy in climate change articles, but especially in the Bishop Hill ( blog ) article

7.Quorum videlicet troporum, sive etiam sonorum, primus graeca lingua dicitur Protus; secundus Deuterus; tertius Tritus; quartus Tetrardus : qui singuli a suis finalibus deorsum pentachordo, quod est diapente, differunt.

8."WILLELMUS ERNELE habet maneria etc . cum pertinenciis, que valent xxi . li . xiij . s . videlicet terras etc . in MANWODE apud ERNELE xx . li ., et terras etc . in MENESSE liij . s . iiij . d.

9.When read this way, they may be considered abbreviated heterograms, since they stand for the Latin " exempli gratia ", " id est ", and " videlicet " . ( They can also be read as spelled, and so on .)

10.Here lieth buried the body of Thomas Brend of West Molesey, esquire, who had by his two wives eighteen children, videlicet, by Margery, his first wife, four sons & six daughters, who died the second of June 1564, by Mercy, his last wife, he had four sons and four daughters.

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