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English-Hindi > vinaya

vinaya meaning in Hindi

vinaya sentence in Hindi
1.But he gave women additional rules ( Vinaya ) to follow.

2.The complete Sarvstivda Vinaya is extant in the Chinese Buddhist canon.

3.Only such a council could amend issues concerning Vinaya and ethics.

4.However, Chinese Buddhism later settled on the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya.

5.Modern scholarship therefore generally agrees that the MahsCghika Vinaya is the oldest.

6.They begin a series of recitations of Vinaya prohibition against touching women.

7.Modern scholarship therefore generally agrees that the MahsCghika vinaya is the oldest.

8.Luang Por Pothirak was eventually charged of altering the Vinaya and defrocked.

9.The Theravada vinaya has 311 rules of discipline for bhikkhunis.

10.Monastic life was structured around the prtimokca of the Yungdrung Bon vinaya.

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