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English-Hindi > vindicator

vindicator meaning in Hindi

noun plural: vindicators   
vindicator sentence in Hindi
1.From Lisbon, McCarry moved on to the nearby Youngstown Vindicator.

2.The Vindicator, Youngstown's paper, is less cautious.

3.March 7, The ( Youngstown ) Vindicator, March 7:

4.These members were Guardian, Vindicator, Puck, and Shaman.

5.Throughout the 1930s, it flew the SB2U-1 Vindicator.

6.He was killed by Alpha Flight but Vindicator escapes with Claire.

7."Vindicator " was ordered on 26 September 1980.

8.To make things worse, Vindicator has sided with him.

9.Vindicator, Youngstown, Ohio, on North Korea:

10.Fleming piloted a Vought SB2U Vindicator dive bomber in an attack on the.

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a person who argues to defend or justify some policy or institution; "an apologist for capital punishment"
Synonyms: apologist, justifier,

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