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English-Hindi > virago

virago meaning in Hindi

noun plural: viragoes   
virago sentence in Hindi
1.Rowe and Boycott became directors of Virago in its first years.

2.From whence cometh this transformation from virago to addled helpmate?

3."Fingersmith " by Sarah Waters ( Virago)

4.Time Out of Mind, by Jane Lapotaire ( Virago)

5.9 . Time Out of Mind, by Jane Lapotaire ( Virago)

6.It is included in her posthumous memoirs published by Virago in 2015.

7.Spicer was a founder member and executive of Virago Press.

8.After living in Barcelona for 16 years, they moved to Virago.

9.Lennie Goodings ( publisher of Virago ) won Editor of the Year.

10.Virago was sired by the 1846 Epsom Derby winner Pyrrhus The First.

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a large strong and aggressive woman
Synonyms: amazon,

a noisy or scolding or domineering woman

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