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English-Hindi > vociferation

vociferation meaning in Hindi

vociferation sentence in Hindi
• पुकार
• शोर
• हो-हल्ला
• चीक
• कड़ा विरोध
• चिल्लाहट
• टेर
• गुल-गपाड़ा
1.:Onion or Emotion, Cough, Laughter, Vociferation, Sneeze.

2.Apart from the song count-offs, television samples and ebullient vociferations heard on previous albums, it is the first Don Caballero album to feature vocals.

3.The boys often act as the voice of reason when these events cause panic or incongruous behavior among the adult populace, who are customarily depicted as irrational, gullible, and prone to vociferation.

4.In " Timber ", Ben Jonson condemned " the Tamerlanes and Tamer-chams of the late age, which had nothing in them but the scenical strutting and furious vociferation to warrant them to the ignorant gapers ."

5.I've checked the Vociferation article and it says the maximum audio levels but I'm not sure how to work out the distance that people could hear them, nor how loud the average person is . talk ) 12 : 21, 18 July 2009 ( UTC)

6.Generally when he had concluded a period, in the course of a dispute, by which time he was a good deal exhausted by violence and vociferation, he used to blow out his breath like a Whale . " There are many similar accounts; in particular, Johnson was said to " perform his gesticulations " at the threshold of a house or in doorways.

7.To the right, the " scale of vociferation " measures his oratory, rising from " natural tone " to " bull roar " . ( In " Enthusiasm Delineated ", the puppet of the witch was an abstract figure representing God, and the sides of the pulpit are adorned with additional pairs of religious puppets which are omitted in its final version .)

a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition; "the speaker was interrupted by loud cries from the rear of the audience"
Synonyms: cry, outcry, call, yell, shout,

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