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waffler sentence in Hindi

"waffler" meaning in Hindi
  • Yet every elected official who hints at flexibility is castigated as a waffler.
  • Get prepared for a nasty fall debate about who is the bigger waffler.
  • A politician who does this, of course, is considered a waffler.
  • Now is not the time for rookies, nor cowboys, nor wafflers,
  • Lieberman called Kerry a " waffler ."
  • Image : Well-intentioned waffler _ but he's a war hero!
  • Bill Clinton is generally a drifter and a waffler, whose loose conduct demeans his office.
  • He is still a prize waffler.
  • Gudmundson then ran for one of the seven Vice-President positions, as did fellow Waffler Mel Watkins.
  • (UNDATED ) They are the independents, the swing voters, the undecided, the wafflers, the uncommitted.
  • "He became a waffler himself, " said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute of Public Opinion.
  • That, in turn, caused the more conservative pundits and business people in the city to label the mayor a waffler.
  • Spoon out 1 / 2 cup batter ( or the amount recommended by your waffler's manufacturer ) onto hot iron.
  • The very unpopularity of the move undercut the image of him as a waffler, created in his first two years as president.
  • An accomplished waffler, the president had already stolen everything that was politically useful from the Republicans, and denounced the rest as extreme.
  • They said they were strong Clinton supporters, " even though he's been a waffler on things like welfare reform,"
  • If the conservative assault on Kerry as a waffler has been effective, it's in part because it contains a degree of truth.
  • Another is that the best way to avoid being cast as a waffler is to hew to some fixed principle-- like the assault weapon ban.
  • Yet the very fact that Democrats have tried to portray Bush as both foolishly consistent and a waffler seems to have prevented either argument from taking hold.
  • Don't try to tell King that Bill Clinton, who made 1992 campaign commitments to Northern Ireland peace, is a foreign policy waffler as President.
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