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English-Hindi > warm

warm meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ wɔ:m ]  sound:  
warm sentence in Hindi
• गरमी

• तापन
• प्रचंड
• समीप
• स्नेही
• उग्र
• हार्दिक
• उष्ण
• जोशपूर्ण
• कुल
• गरम
• गर्म
• खाता पीता
• चमकीला
• तेज
• दिली
• धनवान
• सेंकना
• उकसाना
• तपाना
• गरम होना
• गरमाना
• गर्म करना
• गर्म होना
• तापना
• गरम करना
1.One kind word can warm three winter months.
एक मीठा बोल सर्दी के तीन महीनों को ऊष्मा दे सकता है।

2.They are open , warm and completely reliable .
” यहां के लोग सरल , मेहनती , मितव्ययी और ईमानदार है .

3.They are open , warm and completely reliable .
” यहां के लोग सरल , मेहनती , मितव्ययी और ईमानदार है .

4.Wearing warm underwear from just out of the dryer,
ड्रायर से हाल में ही निकला गरम अंडरवियर पहनना,

5.You want to be close enough to the campfire so that you're warm,
आप अलाव के इतने पास रहना चाहते हैं कि आप गर्म रहे,

6.Whenever you go outside then a good way to keep your body warm is to wear extra clothes.
स्वस्थ रहने का यह ऐक अत्यावश्यक ढंग है।

7.There's a warm, moist wind blowing at your back
वहाँ एक गर्म, नम हवा अपनी पीठ पर बह रही होती है

8.The warm breath of a June night stirs above the roofs .
जून - रात की गर्म साँस छतों पर सरसराती है ।

9.Clean your mouthguard by washing it with soap and warm -LRB- not hot -RRB- water .
साबुन और गुनगुने ( गरम नहीं ) पानी से साफ करें .

10.He jumped out of his warm bed , chattering with cold .
वह अपने गरम बिस्तर से बाहर कूद आया , सरदी में काँपता हुआ ।

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having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat; "a warm body"; "a warm room"; "a warm climate"; "a warm coat"

psychologically warm; friendly and responsive; "a warm greeting"; "a warm personality"; "warm support"

(color) inducing the impression of warmth; used especially of reds and oranges and yellows; "warm reds and yellows and orange"

in a warm manner; "warmly dressed"; "warm-clad skiers"
Synonyms: warmly, warmly,

in a warm manner; "warmly dressed"; "warm-clad skiers"
Synonyms: warmly, warmly,

of a seeker; near to the object sought; "you''re getting warm"; "hot on the trail"

uncomfortable because of possible danger or trouble; "made things warm for the bookies"

characterized by liveliness or excitement or disagreement; "a warm debate"

characterized by strong enthusiasm; "ardent revolutionaries"; "warm support"
Synonyms: ardent,

easily aroused or excited; "a quick temper"; "a warm temper"
Synonyms: quick,

freshly made or left; "a warm trail"; "the scent is warm"
Synonyms: strong,

having or displaying warmth or affection; "affectionate children"; "a fond embrace"; "fond of his nephew"; "a tender glance"; "a warm embrace"
Synonyms: affectionate, fond, lovesome, tender,

make warm or warmer; "The blanket will warm you"

get warm or warmer; "The soup warmed slowly on the stove"
Synonyms: warm up,

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