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English-Hindi > wastefulnesses

wastefulnesses meaning in Hindi

wastefulnesses sentence in Hindi
1.Evidence supporting Palmer's contention of wastefulness is readily available.

2.The Galway champions, despite their wastefulness, began to dominate.

3.Eventually, of course, the wastefulness wrecked the Mets.

4.She often complains about Leaf's wastefulness and laziness.

5.They both have their disadvantages, in terms of wastefulness.

6.Some analysts say the system's laxness in policing itself encourages wastefulness.

7.Smith's complaint about alleged wastefulness is common.

8.Bureaucracy, wastefulness and corruption are on the rise, and discipline is violated.

9.Selfishness, wastefulness, limits _ these are far from Bush's vocabulary.

10.Overall, Americans'wastefulness is prodigious.

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