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English-Hindi > wastepaper basket

wastepaper basket meaning in Hindi

wastepaper basket sentence in Hindi
कचरे की टोकरी

रद् दी की टोकरी
basket    झाबा टोकरा टोकरी
1.Their overflowing wastepaper baskets are testament to a new culture of industry.

2.Many lines were discarded, ending as crumpled fragments in the wastepaper basket.

3.The janitor would find reams of copy in his wastepaper basket.

4._Hampers and wastepaper baskets may look like a toilet to a person with Alzheimer's.

5.But they discounted reports that the suspect set the fire in the bathroom's wastepaper basket.

6.Offers not accepted are simply for the wastepaper basket.

7.The bomb went off in a wastepaper basket in the toy department of Eason's bookstore.

8.The students, working in teams of four, designed 15 robots, each no larger than a wastepaper basket.

9.During the three-day meeting, an intruder was discovered searching through wastepaper baskets, recovering handwritten notes discarded by delegates.

10.The "'Gadabout "'was an unusual reeds "; Wise describes it as " looking like a mobile wastepaper basket ".

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a container with an open top; for discarded paper and other rubbish
Synonyms: waste-paper basket, wastebasket, waste basket, circular file,

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