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English-Hindi > wasters

wasters meaning in Hindi

wasters sentence in Hindi
1.Turn these time wasters into pockets of time for brief prayers.

2.Time wasters : Patients who obsessively recount their medical history.

3.Today's taps in houses are cheap but are water wasters.

4.Wasters do not cut flesh, but provide a decidedly blunt impact.

5.No women, children or time wasters ! " at the bottom.

6.Sash-weighted windows are enormous wasters of energy.

7.Meanwhile, CBS dabbled in time-wasters that bordered on the gratuitous.

8.Bush and Whitman should not miss the fuel-wasters for the trees.

9.Perhaps one the biggest time-wasters is the inability to say no.

10.The form of modern wasters follows from their use as replica training swords.

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