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watteau sentence in Hindi

"watteau" meaning in Hindiwatteau in a sentence
  • Our taste for the 18th century has been Chardin and Watteau.
  • Il eut Watteau pour �l�ve entre 1703 et 1708 .-->
  • Antoine Watteau was probably the single artist whom they admired the most.
  • He studied Antoine Watteau and eighteenth-century French painting.
  • He studied under Fran�ois Louis Joseph Watteau and Guillaume Guillon-Lethi�re.
  • The train was named after the French painter Antoine Watteau.
  • Not having a Watteau has been a notable gap,
  • Better to go to Watteau, if you know he was the artist.
  • Watteau is considered the greatest of the Rubenist artists.
  • Back in Paris Vleughels became a close friend of Jean-Antoine Watteau.
  • He lived with Watteau from about 1716 and shared a home in 1719.
  • Behind a Watteau Picture " has an ISBN:
  • DeGaulle compared her to a Watteau painting; Khrushchev simply, uh, salivated.
  • He thinks the details will convince historians that the painting really is by Watteau.
  • Since 2000 a Watteau centre has been established at Valenciennes by Professor Chris Rauseo.
  • Some have claimed Lancret's work is significantly inferior to that of Watteau.
  • Inspired by Watteau and Fragonard, he preferred to work with watercolours and gouache.
  • The commune has two public junior high schools, Coll�ge Watteau and Coll�ge Branly.
  • Watteau himself purposely did not give an answer.
  • Meanwhile, Watteau worked on numerous private commissions that his rising reputation brought him.
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