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English-Hindi > wealth tax

wealth tax meaning in Hindi

wealth tax sentence in Hindi

संपत्ति कर
संपत्‍ति कर
wealth    द्रव्य धन धन-दौलत
tax    चुंगी टैक्स दाम
1.The government also announced temporary increases in corporate and personal wealth tax.

2.State and local government property taxes are wealth taxes on real estate.

3.Certain holdings in A-listed stocks, however, are exempt from the wealth tax.

4.Wealth taxes had high management cost and relatively low returns . 3.

5.It is the only viable plan that includes a wealth tax.

6.A ) Income and wealth tax from the government employees will be strengthened.

7.Stocks held in O-listed companies remain exempt from the wealth tax.

8.In addition, a special wealth tax of 5 % was introduced.

9.Income and wealth tax became mandatory tax bases in addition to the property tax.

10.Wealth Tax, Expenditure Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Gift Tax.

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