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English-Hindi > wearied

wearied meaning in Hindi

wearied sentence in Hindi
• कुम्हलाया
• मुरझाया
• म्लान
• क्लांत
1.As the winter season continued, she wearied of the battle.

2.As Sargent wearied of portraiture he pursued architectural and landscapes subjects.

3.One problem : Truman had wearied of the whole business.

4.Peretz said he had wearied of the magazine's growing losses.

5.And when his classmates wearied of parenthood, he adopted their eggs.

6.The three-night walk wearied the 132 freed women and children.

7.Both had wearied of the uncertainty of a performer's life.

8.Only tomorrow I would have defiled her soul and wearied her heart.

9.More and more men came to relieve the wearied soldiers.

10.Their ministers never wearied of railing at and abusing pope and priests.

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