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English-Hindi > weened

weened meaning in Hindi

weened sentence in Hindi
1.This is a challenging era for those weened on instruments no more complicated than the typewriter.

2.The five suspended members were Mortimer, Hall, Welles, Addes and Frankensteen, who had been weened away from the pro-Martin faction.

3.Reversing the ideology he was weened on _ Netanyahu's father Benzion was a protege of Likud founding father Zeev Jabotinsky _ would be a bitter pill for Netanyahu.

4.A typical calf here is born in East Texas, moved to West Texas after it's weened, and then maybe north to a feedlot and slaughterhouse in the Panhandle.

5.In the NHL, for example, Commissioner Gary Bettman _ who was weened in the NBA _ reportedly is beginning to ammass a $ 300 million " Labor Dispute Fund ."

6.Vietnam was abruptly weened of its Cold War dependency on the Soviet bloc in the early 1990s, but has since been working to reestablish ties with old friends based on commercial rather than ideological interests.

7.It is the vision ( and vocal style ) of a guy weened on early-' 70s glam rock-- David Bowie, Lou Reed, Roxy Music / Bryan Ferry-- and the giddy blend of artful experimentation and solid popcraft of that era.

8.Zedillo's admonitions must have sounded like a brass gong at dawn to a generation of Gucci-clad Asians weened on success and taught that their Confucian ethic combining hard work, education and sacrifice gave them an edge of cultural superiority over Latinos and others in the great global economic sweepstakes.

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