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English-Hindi > whimsicalities

whimsicalities meaning in Hindi

whimsicalities sentence in Hindi
1.The sheer whimsicality of the stability ball brings her back every week.

2.The work has a tidy, industrial look that doesn't belie its whimsicality.

3.His travel books also combine erudition, insight, whimsicality, and some fine prose.

4.Luckily for Jackson and for the Lakers, whatever tendency he might have toward petulance is balanced by his whimsicality.

5.Frankenheimer said once, and there speaks a man who well knew the insane whimsicality of the working director in Hollywood.

6.At its best, " Ally " delivered her fantasy world with an artful mix of whimsicality and anxiety.

7.His Arpege-scented hostess presided over " a dwelling full of whimsicality, invention and audacity, " he wrote.

8.The whimsicalities to be found in all the books are, in fact, not random, not mere conceits, but make internal references.

9.In the past four years, the Golden Globe has worked to distinguish itself from the zillion other TV awards shows by emphasizing whimsicality and emotion.

10.Mike Hale felt Harmon responsible " for turning countercultural whimsicality into affecting, fast-paced comedy " in the season . " Time"

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