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English-Hindi > whinger

whinger meaning in Hindi

whinger sentence in Hindi
1.Also, at the end of " Whinger " there is a hidden comedy track about custard.

2.He also said that Beckham was a " crybaby " and a " whinger " whenever he was tackled.

3.To my mind at least you would be enhancing your own standing and not striking me as a negative whinger who finds it easy to enhance his own standing by highlighting the shortcomings of others.

4.If she's a whinger, would we all were . ( Were God a woman, I'd cast her to play him . ) talk ) 23 : 29, 12 November 2012 ( UTC)

5."He is a world-class, wall-to-wall whinger, " one of his closest aides said, invoking the English word for whining that makes self-pity sound even more insufferable.

6."" An act for the more effectual securing the peace of the highlands in Scotland " " was passed by the Parliament of Great Britain, coming into effect on November 1, 1716 which outlawed anyone in defined parts of Scotland from having " in his or their custody, use, or bear, broad sword or target, poignard, whinger, or durk, side pistol, gun, or other warlike weapon " unless authorised.

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