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English-Hindi > wickiup

wickiup meaning in Hindi

wickiup sentence in Hindi

• विकीयप
1.Wickiup Reservoir holds a wide variety of species open to angling.

2.The position of smoke holes also distinguishes the wickiups.

3.Wickiup holds a reputable amount of both brooke trout, whitefish and chub.

4.Among them was Jeri Larson, 67, who was born in a wickiup.

5.Shown here is an Apache wickiup from 1903.

6.Wickiup Reservoir's earthen dam is long.

7.Also at Wickiup Reservoir are several recreation options.

8.The river leaves the reservoir via the dam and continues south to Wickiup Reservoir.

9."Phoenix stations aren't going to be concerned early on about Wickiup.

10.Located roughly seven miles southeast of Crane Prairie Reservoir, you will find Wickiup Reservoir.

a lodge consisting of a frame covered with matting or brush; used by nomadic American Indians in the southwestern United States
Synonyms: wikiup,

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