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English-Hindi > wornout

wornout meaning in Hindi

wornout sentence in Hindi
1.The problem lies in the wornout distribution network built in 1957, which is unable to supply the country during dry spells.

2.He describes Gloria Steinem as " a wornout ancient relic of a woman whose only claim to fame is getting other ugly women to march.

3.The farm went into decline after the death of Jefferson Dagget, and was purchased as a " wornout farm " by the city in 1894.

4.In the present day San Francisco del Monte area, an extensive deposition of damaged polished adze were found with wornout flake tools mode of obsidian, or volcanic glass and tektites.

5.Meanwhile, the Kotama Berbers, wornout from their conflicts on behalf of the Fatimids, disappeared from the streets of al-Qahira, and thereafter also from the life of al-Maghrib.

6.She stands to become one of the first people of Chinese descent to buy land in America's last rural Chinatown, a cluster of rundown buildings and wornout streets that county officials are stepping in to save.

7.The fire at the home in the town of Kizel, 750 miles ( 1215 kilometers ) northeast of Moscow, started due to a short circuit in the institution's wornout electrical system . the agency said.

8.Mother Rigby reflects, " There are thousands upon thousands of coxcombs and charlatans in the world, made up of just such a jumble of wornout, forgotten, and good-for-nothing trash as he was!

9.Preparing for the arrival of the guests from all 186 U . N . member nations, laborer Omer Delice has been working 14 hours a day arranging and cementing gray stones to replace wornout pavement in the historical district of Sultanahmet.

10.LONESOME DOVE . A pair of wornout Texas Rangers ( Robert Duvall and Jones as Capt . Woodrow F . Call ) drive longhorns north to Montana . 1989 . Cabin Fever . $ 39.99, four cassettes . 384 minutes.

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