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English-Hindi > wretch

wretch meaning in Hindi

noun plural: wretches   
wretch sentence in Hindi
1.How sweet the sound, that saves a wretch like me!

2.How can the poor wretch possibly be having a good time?

3.The ink-stained wretches did manage to find their amusements.

4.But the ungrateful wretches on the Mall would have none of it.

5.Wretches, the way that Dickens used to make them.

6.Time for all ink-stained wretches to ask for a raise.

7.One irate, highly annoyed, ink-stained wretch.

8.If not, then I'm a miserable wretch ."

9.The official remix features Scorcher, Kano & Wretch 32.

10.Other artists to collaborate with the collective include Wretch 32, Devlin.

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someone you feel sorry for
Synonyms: poor devil,

performs some wicked deed

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