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English-Hindi > wrinkly

wrinkly meaning in Hindi

wrinkly sentence in Hindi
1.Besides, it would be hazardly slippery, messy and wrinkly.

2.He would take baths with Devon until his hands were wrinkly.

3.AGEs also accumulate in the skin, helping make it wrinkly.

4.Mizithra is made from raw, whole conical, wrinkly top.

5.It's the only one that isn't wrinkly!

6.Our faces are smooth, his had to be wrinkly.

7.Basalt south of Wynyard also shows a wrinkly magnetic signature.

8.He is a mixed breed puppy with floppy ears and wrinkly feet.

9.On your left, the wrinkly, droopy, washed-out before.

10.Even the wrinklies of Palm Beach are feeling bruised.

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marked by wrinkles; "tired travelers in wrinkled clothes"
Synonyms: wrinkled,

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