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English-Hindi > wrist bone

wrist bone meaning in Hindi

wrist bone sentence in Hindi
कलाई की हड्डी

मणिबंध अस्थि
wrist    गट्टा पहुंचा
bone    काँटा ढाँचा शरीर
1.Then he matches each tendon to the wrist bone and claw core.

2.That advice is not just for broken wrist bones, McGowan added.

3.Her wrist bone nearly stabbed through the flesh of her forearm.

4.He also has struggled with a thick cast that protects a broken wrist bone.

5.Female wrist bones are fused at the age of 17.

6.I touch my left wrist bone, wondering if that twinge I detect is imaginary.

7.These prehuman individuals had apelike jaws, teeth and wrist bones, and a small brain.

8.However, in bats, the membrane stretches between the fingers only, no styliform wrist bone being present.

9.This has been suggested to spread the forces better across the wrist bones to protect them.

10.This need has produced different wrist bone anatomy and, through this, a different form of knuckle-walking.

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any of the eight small bones of the wrist of primates
Synonyms: carpal bone, carpal,

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