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wrist pad sentence in Hindi

"wrist pad" meaning in Hindiwrist pad in a sentence
  • The line includes copy arms and easels, wrist pads and rests, and keyboard trays and drawers.
  • The device fits along the bottom of a keyboard and resembles two wrist pads with an exposed rod between them.
  • Jan Keesee of New Carlisle recently took her first skating lesson with Perry and wore elbow, knee and wrist pads.
  • There's also a separate wrist pad that fits, sloppily, along the bottom of the $ 120 keyboard.
  • The board-shaped mouse pad rests on your thigh and has a molded wrist pad and other features that Miz Hot Tips found helpful.
  • Posture : Teach children not to rest their wrists on the desk, wrist pad or armrests while typing or using a mouse or trackball.
  • The stick also featured both a flexible sleeve over the shaft and spring, and a wrist pad, neither present on the Saitek X45.
  • There's also a large pad ( plantar pad ) in the center of the paw and a small wrist pad ( pisiform pad ).
  • And don't forget inexpensive copy holders, mouse pads, wrist pads, cord ducts or cable guides for hiding cords from view and preventing tangling.
  • Dr . Emmanuel Masmejean, the author of the report, said the use of a wrist pad could reduce the effect of vibrations and help prevent RSI.
  • That sounds logical, but despite studies showing that wrist pads eliminate about 90 percent of wrist injuries, scores of in-line skaters refuse to use them.
  • But the collection he presented on Sunday was heavy going, as models came out in sweaters beaded with tweedy dots, long coats trimmed with feathers or with an attached zippered vest, down-filled wraps and long gloves with built-in leather jewels and a wrist pad for taking notes.

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