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written assignment sentence in Hindi

"written assignment" meaning in Hindiwritten assignment in a sentence
  • The written assignment that is turned in will consist of two parts.
  • For the written assignment group, white students performed worse than minority students.
  • His notebooks were filled with scribbles, decorated intermittently with half-written assignments.
  • Performance-based assessments are normally completed by submitting written assignments through an online service.
  • Quite a lot of work will be done from their homes or studios in written assignments or projects.
  • It was not alleged that there was a written assignment of copyright by the author to the applicant.
  • It was also not alleged that there had been written assignment of copyright by their author to the appellant.
  • One such intervention was attempted with UK medical students, who were given a written assignment and a clinical assessment.
  • Apart from subject-specific oral and written examinations, students must also prepare one or two major written assignments.
  • Typical sessions include help with written assignments, practicing elevator pitches and interview skills, organizing team assignments, and more.
  • Instruction is scenario-based, combining simulations, readings, online discussions, self-assessments and short written assignments.
  • A complete HF-examination consists of a cluster of common core subjects, three optional subjects and a major written assignment.
  • While grading papers one recent night, she was shocked to see that a teenage girl had used profanity in a written assignment.
  • They will also be required to do a biography unit, of which one is oral and the latter is a written assignment.
  • "Written assignments are also given out to evaluate students'ability to evaluate information and express ideas logically and concisely on paper.
  • As readers we will focus on aspects of technique, and the strategy for written assignments is that of emulation, the close copy and pastiche.
  • The desks include computer spaces and keyboard trays with plenty of work surface for hand-written assignments, yet without the cold office furniture look.
  • Newburgh Theological Seminary has what some may consider to be an unconventional approach to education; requiring students to submit written assignments for all their courses.
  • About one-third of participating students admitted to serious test cheating, and half admitted to one or more instances of serious cheating on written assignments.
  • The course pairs class discussion and written assignments around the seven Harry Potter novels with themed activities  such as trivia and movie nights  in the residence hall.
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