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English-Hindi > wysiwyg

wysiwyg meaning in Hindi

wysiwyg sentence in Hindi

• विसीविग
• विज़ीविग
1.Samurize includes a WYSIWYG config editor used to create the configs.

2.The catch is that WYSIWYG editors produce tons of garbage code.

3.This week, I cleaned up two WYSIWYG-edited pages.

4.E was one of the first WYSIWYG editors of the 1970s.

5.The software uses a WYSIWYG-compliant interface based on slides.

6.Emissary's mail component is a full multimedia and WYSIWYG client.

7.Other WYSIWYG editors that produce LaTeX include Scientific Word on MS Windows.

8.The WYSIWYG view is achieved by embedding a layout engine.

9.In any event, word processing was shifting to WYSIWYG.

10.:: There are many WYSIWYG web-based editors.

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