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English-Hindi > x ray

x ray meaning in Hindi

x ray sentence in Hindi
एक्स रे
x    दस पत्र के अंत में
ray    चमक ज्ञान दृष्टि
1.The second setting is clearly institutional like a hosp x ray dept.

2.Metallic knives and guns appear black because metal does not scatter X rays.

3.And in half of those cases, chest X rays are normal.

4.Second may be radiation therapy, or maybe just diagnostic x ray.

5.The X ray changes are unique and charactistic of this syndrome.

6.X rays are only produced when the HT is applied to the tube.

7.These include X ray, MRI, multi slide CT-scan and digital mammography.

8.The guy your were talking with might have been worrying about X rays.

9.The usual initial investigations include chest X ray, electrocardiogram and echocardiography.

10.Next the paper is stuck onto an x ray film.

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