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English-Hindi > x windows system

x windows system meaning in Hindi

x windows system sentence in Hindi

एक्स विंडोज तंत्र
x    दस पत्र के अंत में
windows    विंडोज़ विंडोज़
system    सिस्टम क्रम डौल
1.This is analogous to X Window System applications such as xterm.

2.The X Window System includes a default session manager called xsm.

3.An excellent age to begin programming for the X Window System.

4.It created the X Window System, Zephyr Notification Service.

5.It also came with the X Window System and IceWM.

6.X Window System ( client and server ) was ported to Baget.

7.The SLAX distribution starts the X Window system with the KDE interface.

8.It is included in almost every X Window System.

9.The X Window System comes with a low-level library called Xlib.

10.For example, EnGarde Secure Linux does not include the X Window System.

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