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English-Hindi > x-linked

x-linked meaning in Hindi

x-linked sentence in Hindi
1.Inhibition of ovarian cancer growth by small interfering rna targeting x - linked inhibitor of apoptosis gene

2.Mutation detection of abcd1 gene in the molecular diagnosis of x - linked adrenoleukodystrophy by denaturing hplc

3.Her team focused on a particular protein involved in the nf - kappa b pathway called the " x - linked inhibitor of apoptosis " ( xiap )

4.Pcr - based analysis method was carried out in the following study . dna amplification by pcr in cgg repeats were performed on 154 people as normal control ( 73 males and 81 females ) and 23 members from four x - linked mental retardation ( xlmr ) families . after electrophoresed on a 6 % - denaturing polyacrylamide gel ( acr : bis = 19 : l ) , genotypes of the objects were determined by analyzing pcr products

5.Fxs is characterized by x - linked mental retardation with additional features such as a long face with large protruding ears , macroorchidism , and eye - gaze avoidance etc . fxs is associated with a fragile site , designated fraxa ( fragile site , x chromosome , a site ) , at xq27 . 3 near the end of the long arm

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