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English-Hindi > xanax

xanax meaning in Hindi

xanax sentence in Hindi
1.Fine said he prescribed Xanax, an antidepressant, for her.

2.These days, the pill of choice is the sedative Xanax.

3.He took Xanax, a prescription drug used to calm anxiety.

4.They also include antianxiety drugs, such as Valium and Xanax.

5.She saw a therapist, took Xanax and cried a lot.

6.Xanax is the latest craze in prescription drug abuse among teenagers.

7.He takes psychotropics, like Xanax, to control these emotions.

8.Imagine Diane Keaton playing a health-food fiend addicted to Xanax.

9.Do we live in a world of Xanax and Ambien and isolation?

10.Xanax is intended to help calm people with anxiety and panic disorders.

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