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English-Hindi > xanthine oxidase

xanthine oxidase meaning in Hindi

xanthine oxidase sentence in Hindi

• जैन्थीन ऑक्सीडेस
xanthine    ज़ैंथीन जैन्थीन
oxidase    ऑक्सीडेस
1.It is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme xanthine oxidase.

2.This pathway also is independent of the enzyme activity of xanthine oxidase.

3.By inhibiting xanthine oxidase, it reduces uric acid production.

4.Inhibition of xanthine oxidase has been proposed as a mechanism for improving cardiovascular health.

5.*Alloxanthine is an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase.

6.AO is very similar in amino acid sequence to xanthine oxidase ( XO ).

7.Xanthine oxidase inhibitors block uric acid production.

8.Other enzymes capable of producing superoxide are xanthine oxidase, NADPH oxidases and cytochromes P450.

9.The active metabolite of allopurinol is oxypurinol, which is also an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase.

10.This activity is often found in a bifunctional enzyme with xanthine oxidase ( ) activity too.

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