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English-Hindi > xanthic

xanthic meaning in Hindi

xanthic sentence in Hindi
1.There are three colour morphs, the xanthic orange winged form and the melanic black winged form.

2.Gold and albino tiger barbs are examples of commercially produced fish based on recessive xanthic ( yellow ) and albino genes.

3.It was the color of the entire middle of America on the roll-down wall map in my third-grade classroom, the color that taught me then that Nebraska was a long, flat plain of dry, xanthic grass.

4.In sum, what Clinton did with Monica and afterword was, to go alphabetically : asinine, bathetic, clumsy, deplorable, empty, fatuous, gross, humiliating, injudicious, jerky, knuckleheaded, lame, mendacious, naive, oleaginous, piggish, queasy, ridiculous, stupid, tacky, unsalubrious, vexatious, weasely, xanthic-tinted ( yellow ), yahoo-ish, and, ultimately, zany.

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