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English-Hindi > xanthochromia

xanthochromia meaning in Hindi

xanthochromia sentence in Hindi
1.Xanthochromia remains a reliable ways to detect SAH several days after the onset of headache.

2.Excess iron, ferritin, and red blood cells may result in xanthochromia of the cerebrospinal fluid.

3.Many laboratories rely on only the color of the cerebrospinal fluid to determine the presence or absence of xanthochromia.

4.After the cerebrospinal fluid is obtained, a variety of its parameters can be checked, including the presence of xanthochromia.

5.Visual inspection is the most frequent method used in the United States to assess cerebrospinal fluid for xanthochromia, while spectrophotometry is used on up to 94 % of specimens in the United Kingdom.

6."' Xanthochromia "', from the Greek " xanthos ( ?????? ) " = yellow and " chroma ( ????? ) " = colour, is the yellowish appearance of cerebrospinal fluid that occurs several hours after bleeding into the subarachnoid space caused by certain medical conditions, most commonly subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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