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yacht club sentence in Hindi

"yacht club" meaning in Hindiyacht club in a sentence
  • Yacht clubs have until December of this year to declare their challenge.
  • It won in 1983 with Australia II, representing Royal Perth Yacht Club.
  • Results from the Rolex International Regatta at St . Thomas Yacht Club.
  • The following year they got the American Legion Yacht Club on board.
  • Chicago Yacht Club, http : / / www . chicagoyachtclub . com
  • Port Lucaya Resort & amp; Yacht Club is expected to reopen Friday.
  • There are also nine marinas and four yacht clubs at the harbor.
  • Cayard said last week at a homecoming luncheon at the yacht club.
  • Sixteen yacht clubs paid their performance bonds by February of last year.
  • But so far, only the New York Yacht Club has formally challenged.
  • The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club is only minutes from downtown Hamilton.
  • Southern Yacht Club at once gave sailing the impetus it needed.
  • The ship flew the pennant of the New York Yacht Club.
  • Towbin acknowledged in an interview at the New York Yacht Club.
  • I was elected a member of the Royal Bombay Yacht Club.
  • He was a lifetime member of the New York Yacht Club.
  • The yacht club is refinished with a porch and a bar.
  • Members of the Cobbosseecontee Yacht Club have always maintained the lighthouse.
  • This event was attended by 28 yacht clubs from five continents.
  • Thus far, nine yacht clubs representing seven countries have submitted entries.
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