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yacht race sentence in Hindi

"yacht race" meaning in Hindiyacht race in a sentence
  • That is yacht racing _ that is very bad luck for them,
  • He was also President of the Council of the Yacht Racing Association.
  • It is the highest national award in the sport of yacht racing.
  • But the 12's still appear to fill a need in yacht racing.
  • The Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race starts from Shorncliffe Pier every Easter.
  • After the 2000 Olympics games Burke turned his hand to Yacht racing.
  • Yacht racing at the grand prix level is wedded to high technology.
  • In the sloppy yacht racing conditions, Young America couldn't close the gap.
  • Winds were weak as the two yachts raced to the finish line.
  • The story is centered on a yacht race through the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Four books on the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race that left six sailors dead.
  • Kemp was an authority on the design of yachts and yacht racing.
  • The rest of the boats will race under Caribbean Yacht Racing Association ratings.
  • That meant Alinghi sailed less distance faster, yacht racing's Holy Grail.
  • The Yacht Racing Union named him World yachtsman of the year.
  • The 1947 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race involved a fleet of 28 competitors.
  • There are dinghy and yacht races and activities organised for those less competitive.
  • A keen sportsman who Yacht race with Cronin at the helm.
  • It also features scenes of the 1958 America's Cup yacht races.
  • He also sailed six times in the grueling Sydney-Hobart yacht race.
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