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yangs sentence in Hindi

"yangs" meaning in Hindiyangs in a sentence
  • Yang only finished eighth in the Chinese nationals one year ago.
  • YANG : Reaction to the symbol has not always been accommodating.
  • Jeff Yang wrote in a review for the Voice Literary Supplement.
  • "Exports still look good, " said Yang.
  • But Ms . Yang means to be ready in any event.
  • The bout was the yin to the Jones-Canizales yang.
  • Yang said he was introduced to acupuncture when he was 14.
  • In contrast, today Yang lives relatively free from party interference.
  • One of them, Yang says, might have a shot.
  • Tong Yang will hold a 10 percent stake in the venture.
  • Tong Yang Cement shares were unchanged at 24, 000 won.
  • It's a yin-yang sign for upscale Taoists.
  • Yang Xianghai is the present chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
  • For students like Miss Yang, that is difficult to accept.
  • Yang, a heavyweight Tai Kwan Do champion, aims again.
  • Young and Rice were the yin and yang of the Niners.
  • Yang Jiechi, assistant foreign minister, said in an interview.
  • We have become acclimated to the yin and yang of freedom.
  • It's the yang to the yin of the clafoutis.
  • The Taoist yin-yang symbol occasionally appears in her drawings.
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