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English-Hindi > yard sale

yard sale meaning in Hindi

yard sale sentence in Hindi
यार्ड सेल
yard    अहाता आंगन गज गज़
sale    नीलामी बाजार
1.If you had a yard sale, it would only bring five dollars,

2.Some object to frequent yard sales but others may not, he said.

3.My grandmother found it at a yard sale a few years back.

4.To discourage thieves, we specialize in $ 5 items at yard sales.

5.I found a Weight Watchers cookbook at a yard sale last fall.

6.The larger and more elaborate the sign, the worse the yard sale.

7.She lifts the pot, turns to the hostess of the yard sale.

8.People are snapping up coffee percolators at yard sales just for the nostalgia.

9.There will be yard sales galore as well as many other local fests.

10.The Pistons got cold feet about looking like scavengers at a yard sale?

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an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller''s premises
Synonyms: garage sale,

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