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yardage sentence in Hindi

"yardage" meaning in Hindiyardage in a sentence
  • Opposing quarterbacks often face a Denver defense that permits huge yardage.
  • They have been working on short-yardage situations all week.
  • The offensive line harvested yardage the way a thresher harvested wheat.
  • He is going to establish team records for completions and yardage.
  • We've got to have the George Lucas yardage book.
  • Total yardage : 1, 334, including 990 yards passing.
  • Five went for a yard, zero yards or negative yardage.
  • Millis set school records for attempts, completions and passing yardage.
  • The Cardinals need a big back for short-yardage situations.
  • Being a caddie is more than just walking around citing yardage.
  • Last year, the Jets led the league in penalty yardage.
  • We're not getting enough chunks of yardage ."
  • That's no way to find a short yardage game.
  • Penalties often put Hostetler and friends in long-yardage situations.
  • It is by far his most popular yardage for a touchdown.
  • One was to double the rushing yardage from my freshman year.
  • For his career, Neal has identical rushing and receiving yardage.
  • He makes plays and makes yardage in chunks, big chunks.
  • And most of the passing yardage came late in the game.
  • The Ravens have the ability to pick up long yardage passing.
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