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English-Hindi > yardarm

yardarm meaning in Hindi

yardarm sentence in Hindi
1.Collins was tried and executed by hanging from the fore yardarm.

2.Still another reference comes from the nine yardarms on a clipper ship.

3.Thomas Beihl, 13, Saluda, S . C . _ yardarm

4.It is currently the home of the Yardarm Motel.

5.They would have run me up the yardarm.

6.Once convicted, a man was rapidly sentenced to death by hanging from the yardarm.

7.He falls into the head, and the head falls off the yardarm into the sea.

8.Three days later, aboard, Millward, Burkitt and Ellison were hanged from the yardarms.

9.The DynaRig consists of freestanding rotating masts with rigid yardarms and acts as a square rig.

10.If that doesn't work simply remove the yardarm from the bottom as suggested earlier.

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either end of the yard of a square-rigged ship

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