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English-Hindi > yataghan

yataghan meaning in Hindi

yataghan sentence in Hindi
1.When he got shortages of ammunition, he went against the Turks with his yataghan and died.

2.Today, sword bayonets of this style are said to have " yataghan " blades, or to be " yataghan-bladed ".

3.Today, sword bayonets of this style are said to have " yataghan " blades, or to be " yataghan-bladed ".

4.Included are chainmail armor, helmets, scimitars, yataghans, daggers, matchlocks, lances, pistols, shields, axes, and spears.

5.In 1901, he donated several thousand books and maps to the Smithsonian Institution, along with a Moorish Yataghan he collected on his travels in 1851.

6."' m / 1894-67 "': This was an 1894 carbine modified to accept the m / 1867 Yataghan blade saber bayonet.

7.For example, they wore shorter trousers than were common at the time, and a yataghan with only one side with a sharpened point which was useful in m�l�e combat.

8.By contrast, in the later half of the 1800s, the prevalence of sword bayonets on military rifles gave rise to an entire style of mass-produced military bayonets known as " Yataghan style ".

9.While most sword bayonets have straight blades, a popular variant in the 19th century featured sinuous, S-curved blades like those found on the Balkan's and Middle-East's sword called the yataghan.

10.With the tarboosh upon his head which he seemed to wear uneasily, he reclined, rather than sat upon the opposite side of the div�n, while his hand played in unconscious familiarity with the hilt of his yataghan.

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a long Turkish knife with a curved blade having a single edge

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