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English-Hindi > yesteryears

yesteryears meaning in Hindi

yesteryears sentence in Hindi
1.What has happened to the self-sure Fidel of yesteryear?

2.They certainly are no worse than the legendary owners of yesteryear.

3.The snow of that yesteryear was the loveliest I ever saw.

4.Return with me now to those days of yesteryear . ..

5.Another found the flavor close to the beefy ideal of yesteryear.

6.Maybe it's the thick-walled construction of yesteryear.

7.These aren't the live-in cooks of yesteryear.

8.Perhaps not, but that has not stopped lawmakers of yesteryear.

9.The classrooms and students of yesteryear : What do you think?

10.Even today there are throwbacks to the unevolved males of yesteryear.

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