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English-Hindi > yews

yews meaning in Hindi

yews sentence in Hindi
1.Clipped topiary yews and perfect rolled lawns complete the impeccable geometry.

2.What do you think about Lee Kuan Yew's model?

3."What's happenin'to yew, Bitsy?

4.You can use chamaecyparis, yews, spruce, or pine.

5.Another evergreen choice is the upright Japanese yew, Taxis cuspitata.

6.Consequently, Yew acquitted and discharged the accused on all charges.

7.The drug is now made using chemicals from yew tree needles.

8.A new Yew Tree pub has now opened within the premises.

9.Today European yew is widely used in landscaping and ornamental horticulture.

10.Pets that chew on yew branches or leaves have become ill.

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