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English-Hindi > yob

yob meaning in Hindi

yob sentence in Hindi
1."It will zip through, " said Yob.

2."It's more poodles, and fewer yobs.

3.The record was produced by Sanford Parker of Yob and Neurosis.

4.It has come down to this, the yobs against the toffs.

5.I feel the club has branded me a yob ( hooligan ).

6.Chuck Yob, GOP 39, 996-43 percent

7.Chuck Yob, GOP 68, 524-42 percent

8.Chuck Yob, GOP 97, 951-41 percent

9.Chuck Yob, GOP 106, 650-41 percent

10.Chuck Yob, GOP 116, 856-40 percent

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a cruel and brutal fellow
Synonyms: bully, tough, hooligan, ruffian, roughneck, rowdy, yobo, yobbo,

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