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English-Hindi > yummiest

yummiest meaning in Hindi

yummiest sentence in Hindi
• स्वादिष्ट
• मजे़दार
• मुंह में पानी लाने जैसा
• बड़िया
1.A panel of 15 chocolate lovers carefully tasted each bunny to find the yummiest.

2.Yummiest dinner : The restaurant 95 Cordova in the Casa Monica Hotel at 95 Cordova St . Try sesame-coated sea scallops and creme brulee.

3.It came in a bed of sauteed spinach which, sadly, was a bit too salty, buttopped with the yummiest shoestring fries of sweet potato.

4.Indeed, any hint that a satellite magazine is forgoing articles about the " yummiest underthings " for issues of local moment will bring a stern letter from Hearst.

5.At a time when many of television's yummiest female parts are those of blue-collar moms or single careerists, Maryann is the unexpected petit four : a rich Brentwood divorcee who lolls away her days getting apricot facials and harassing her ex-husband, a plastic surgeon.

6.While the video is showing, the guide talks about those amazing moose : They can grow to 6 feet high at the shoulder, weigh 1, 000-1, 200 pounds, have an antler span of 5 feet and eat 50 pounds a day ( aquatic vegetation is their yummiest food ).

7."I had a great time getting fat and now I'm going to have an even greater time losing weight, " Alley, 53, said in a statement . " I had four offers from other companies, but I wanted to go with the . . . one that I knew would work _ and, let's face it, Jenny Craig's food is hands-down the yummiest ."

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