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English-Hindi > zambo

zambo meaning in Hindi

zambo sentence in Hindi

• जम्बो
• नीग्रो-इडियन वर्ण-संकर
1.Zambo Ace's primary armament is its Zambo Magnum.

2.Zambo Ace's primary armament is its Zambo Magnum.

3.She trained her dog, Zambo, from when he was a puppy.

4.Zambird can transform into the humanoid Zambo Ace.

5.Zambo took over drums in 1985, and the band began its shift into more heavy metal territory.

6.Mobutu's chief adviser, Honore Ngbanda Zambo-ko-Atumba, said before leaving for Togo.

7.Some famous zambo groups were created by runaway or rebel Africans who mixed with or took over indigenous communities.

8.Monkey Bay is situated away from Chimpamba, away from Zambo, away from Msumbi and away from Mbalamanja.

9.In the next episode it is forced to flee back into space after being destroyed internally by Zambo Ace.

10.Zambo became national champion and then world champion in 2011, at the Universal World Sieger Championship in Austria.

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