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English-Hindi > zanana

zanana meaning in Hindi

zanana sentence in Hindi
1.The Army troops advance from Zanana to Munda was completely stymied.

2.Zanana would prove to be an unfortunate choice.

3.Inauguration of Lady Lansdowne Hospital for women, now known as the Sultania Zanana Hospital

4.Price of Wales Hospital became Hamidia Hospital and Lady Linlithgo became Sultania Zanana Hospital.

5.He was now a royal kinsman and was free to enter the zanana apartment of the palace.

6.The right side of the south-wing consisted of the Zanana Mahal along with the kitchens.

7.He was also responsible for Rajaram s " Zanana " ( Queens ) at fort Karigad.

8.Raja Sardar Singh of Khetri constructed many buildings in Kotputli including the present Sardar school and Sardar Zanana Hospital.

9.According to them, until breakfast Rahon should be referred to as  Zanana shahr, or  Women town.

10.On the night of 17 July, the Japanese actually succeeded in overrunning the command post of the 43rd Division near Zanana.

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