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zeitgeists sentence in Hindi

"zeitgeists" meaning in Hindi
  • Zeitgeist note : The platform-and-polyester revival continues.
  • "It's part of the Zeitgeist,"
  • Isn't that the whole point about zeitgeist ?"
  • It was a different Zeitgeist, and Mack was the Zeitgeist,
  • It was a different Zeitgeist, and Mack was the Zeitgeist,
  • "I'm a zeitgeist idiot savant,"
  • The soundtrack, hairstyles and clothes reflect this collision of zeitgeists.
  • Herman Melville, what a slave to the zeitgeist, huh?
  • And he had an eye for the zeitgeist and changing fashions.
  • Longevity indicates if a video has remained part of the Zeitgeist.
  • This major attitude change takes place when the zeitgeist has changed.
  • As a result, Fresco withdrew participation in the Zeitgeist Movement.
  • Where does the article use the film Zeitgeist as a source?
  • He suggests that momentum  has become the zeitgeist of our time
  • Lagerfeld is known for his sensitivity to the fashion zeitgeist.
  • But didn't Brock contribute to the rancid Zeitgeist?
  • Sounds like a great tax write-off . ( Zeitgeist Films)
  • It seems a part of a Zeitgeist, which is always uncanny.
  • The athletes are in step with the " Zeitgeist ."
  • "There wasn't any profound tapping into the zeitgeist.
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