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English-Hindi > zen buddhism

zen buddhism meaning in Hindi

zen buddhism sentence in Hindi
ज़ेन बौद्ध धर्म
ज़ेन मत
zen    ज़ेन जेन ध्यान
buddhism    बौद्ध धर्म बौध्द
1.His acting has been influenced and guided by his Zen Buddhism practice.

2.Caballero was raised Catholic and has also studied Zen Buddhism and Pentecostalism.

3.In Zen Buddhism,  jundo can mean any ritual circuit or circumambulation.

4.He was raised a Catholic but adopted Zen Buddhism as an adult.

5.Zen Buddhism however clearly rejected the strong polytheistic conceptions of orthodox Buddhism.

6.While in Japan he became intrigued by and drawn to Zen Buddhism.

7.At the same time, he was developing an interest in Zen Buddhism.

8.This is not to be confused with the sesshin in Zen Buddhism.

9.Dr . Daylen is also an ordained lay practitioner of Zen Buddhism.

10.He and Cage, who shared an interest in Zen Buddhism, became close friends.

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