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English-Hindi > zenana

zenana meaning in Hindi

zenana sentence in Hindi
• ज़नाना

• अन्तःपुर
1.She was commissioned by the Church of England Zenana Mission.

2.Kinnarid was established in 1913 by the Zenana Bible and Medical Mission.

3.An adjoining zenana is in a state of ruin.

4.Tipu's palace in Seringapatam had a strictly guarded Zenana quarters for women.

5.Shahajahan built a baradari of black marble, called the Black Pavilion in the zenana garden.

6.In July, 1863, Miss Brittan ( Episcopalian ) went to zenana work in Calcutta.

7.The institute prepared women to engage women in Christian missions, such as in Zenana missions.

8.In other words, a women's quarters, similar to the Indian and Muslim zenana.

9.He served as the first secretary of the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society between 1878 and 1900.

10.With the construction of Fatehpur Sikri, Emperor Akbar saw need to organize the administration of his Zenana.

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